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Surface Search Inc. provides shallow geophysical surveying and data analysis services for a wide variety of industry groups. We are experienced in acquiring geophysical data using multiple surface geophysics methodologies. Our surveys are typically designed to image/map subsurface features from only a few centimetres up to hundreds of metres in depth.

A comprehensive understanding of what lies beneath the surface within the confines of your project area matters. Encountering unforeseen subsurface features can be detrimental to your overall project budget and completion schedule. Shallow geophysics helps to increase your preparedness by providing the capacity to investigate, detect and map mission critical subsurface features throughout a project area, well beyond what can be inferred from borehole drilling programs alone.

Site Exploration & Mapping Services.

Technical & Consulting Services.

Shallow Geophysical Survey.

Geophysical surveys represent environmentally non-destructive means to explore ground conditions over broad areas and provide contiguous subsurface information in 2 or 3-dimensions.

2D & 3D Underground Vision

Shallow geophysics enables users to visualize underground features in-between and beyond borehole locations. Where detailed information is required, surveys can be completed over gridded layouts to produce a 3D view of subterranean features.

Hidden Geo-Hazards Revealed

Users of shallow geophysics obtain the advantage of being able to detect and map specific targets of interest to an investigation that may otherwise be missed altogether by a borehole drilling program.

Investigation Stealth & Portability

Survey methodologies used for shallow geophysical investigations are typically hand-portable and environmentally non-destructive. Often geophysical survey data can be acquired over areas that are either not feasible or simply too expensive for a drill rig to access.

Value Per Data Sample

Whereas borehole drilling programs may complete one or two holes in day, surface geophysics is capable of providing 100’s or even 1000’s of linear horizontal metres of detailed sampling of the physical properties of the ground within the same time frame.

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