Our Technical & Consulting Services

Surface Search Inc. provides shallow geophysical surveying and data analysis services for geotechnical and civil engineers tasked with completing site investigations within their project limits. The data results we provide represent additional subsurface information required to understand what is going on in-between and beyond borehole locations in order to fully appreciate and understand in-situ site conditions. Make better, more confident decisions and recommendations on your client’s behalf based on increased subsurface exploration coverage within your project area.

Targeted Features

  • Upper bedrock surface profiling/mapping
  • Soil sequence stratigraphy
  • Soils characterization (clay, silt, sand, gravel, cobbles)
  • Soil/rock profile geometry
  • Soil/rock stiffness/hardness parameters
  • Soil/rock resistivity parameters
  • Fault detection and mapping
  • Void detection and mapping

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